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  • Specific Monthly Marketing and Practice System Modules each month with DIRECT step-by-step actions versus pie-in-the-sky theories. This is roll up your sleeves style of learning and implementation. 
  • Private Facebook Coaching Group to bounce questions to other 1M+ clinics who have faced similar challenges and OVERCAME them!
  • The WLP CA Marketing Training Mastery - Your team will learn exactly how to market your practice so new patients are never a struggle again also saving you THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of wasted dollars on marketing companies

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We are the ONLY Training Academy in the WORLD that has Produced 1,000 One Million Dollar clinics

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✅1,000 clinics in the 1M+Club

Proof in Numbers

Proof Through Case Studies

Case Study #1

A DC who is completely deaf and only able to read lips, purchased one of my clients practices in North Carolina. He could not join our live conference calls or watch my high level video trainings or attend my life changing seminars without having an assistant trying to tell him what I said.

He remains one of the most courageous & committed clients I have ever coached. He grew the practice to over 400/wk by systematically implementing each of our practice procedures with his amazing team.

Case Study #2

A DC in Quebec has a beautiful wife and seven children. His passion to serve his community is as strong as I have ever witnessed. He felt stuck in practice so he began implementing our system step by step, and grew his practice to over 700/wk. Even more impressive, enjoying a Mon through Thursday practice which leaves all the time he wants to spend with his amazing family.

Case Study #3

A DC in London serves a hundred NP’s/m but his reporting process was exhausting, frequently behind and caused constant interruption to his regular patient flow. By implementing our patented three-station NP system and our group report conversion and pt education system, his practice now runs like a clock and is breaking NEW records month after month.

WLP Academy Instructors - Seen and Heard On:

WLP Academy Founders

Ryan Jaycox

Dr. CJ Mertz

Known for his marketing and branding skills, Ryan has helped grow some of the largest practices on the globe. His ability to teach doctors how to connect with their community is second to none!

An absolute legend in the Chiropractic profession, Dr. CJ Mertz has traveled more than three million miles training over sixteen thousand teams and 3,500 in-office business evaluations.

Let's face it, most doctors have the passion and desire to grow to a 1M+ practice they just don't have the resources or tools on how to do it. That all changes now!

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